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The Internet's
FIRST Fully Automated, Magnetic, Viral Advertising Program!

This unique advertising program pulls people to your website just like a powerful electro magnet.

In less than 10 minutes you can be in business for yourself selling ad space on our network and you will receive $10.00 commissions  every time one of your prospects places an ad order.

Plus, you can earn lot's more from advertising your own products, services or opportunities on our network while you promote your Instant Cash Generator reseller website.

Discover why hundreds of marketers, opportunity seekers and home-based business people are joining this powerful advertising program every week.

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Join now! You can earn fast commissions three ways with Instant Cash Magnet!

  1. You can earn commissions when people sign up at your reseller site, place an Advert and order their own Instant Cash Magnet Website. Your commissions are generally paid within 48 hours, no waiting weeks or months for payment.

  2. You can earn back-end commissions when any of your personally sponsored members orders banner ads or additional sponsor ads.

  3. You can earn money when people see your ad in the top left hand corner of your reseller page or when your ad appears rendomly on other reseller sites and visitors go to your site and order a product or service from you.

This is the power of Viral Advertising. It's just like having an army-of-resellers advertising for you.

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You get double the action with Instant Cash magnet! YOUR TEXT AD is also displayed permanently in the top left hand corner of the page so you can earn even more cash profits!

Plus, your text ad is displayed randomly in positions 2 or 3 on hundreds of other advertisers websites. It's just like having an army of sales people working for you.

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You could be earning commissions while you play golf, get your hair done, go to the movies or while you sleep! This is a powerful new way to get your text ad seen thousands of times and snowball your commissions exponentially.

Here's How This Potent Cash Magnet Works...

  • You pay a one time $10.00 payment to join ICM plus the cost of the number of ad rotations you want. The more ad rotations you select, the more often your ad gets displayed.

  • For example a 10.1 ad rotation is just $12.50 and that means your ad will appear 10 times more often than a customer with a 1.1 ad rotation.)

  • For as low as $12.50 you can be in business in the next 10 minutes and advertising your own website for life. You get a powerful sales site exactly like this one to share with your contacts and business acquaintances.

  • It has your name, your text ad and your website url at the top left hand side of the page giving you a potent way to get your website exposed to the masses. That's 2 PROVEN ways to make money instantly.

    But that's not all...

  • Your text ad will also appear randomly on thousands of other members web pages, in either position 2 or 3, giving you viral ad exposure on a mass scale. It's just like having an army of resellers working for you.

    With 100's of people promoting their own URL's your text ad could easily be seen many thousands of times each day. This gives you 3 powerful ways to earn money.

  • The more you promote the more $10.00 commissions you earn and the more exposure your text ad gets.

  • But here's where the viral nature of this program really explodes. JPE Advertising's marketing staff add your reseller url to our multiple rotators. We drive mass traffic to these rotators every day and that means 1000's more exposures for your reseller site and your advertisement.

  • You can also increase your advertising exposure by purchasing additional sponsor ads or banner ads for just $20.00. Banner ads appear at the top and bottom of members affiliate pages and on every page in the members area at the top. Additional sponsor ads rotate throughout the network in positions 2, 3 and 4. You get a stats page in your members area so you can see how your ads are doing.

  • You've seen the rest, now experience the BEST fully automated, magnetic,VIRAL advertising program currently on the market.

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Our advertisers earn commissions and you can too. Join this fast growing advertising program today and get your offers exposed to the masses!

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Grab your Instant Cash Magnet Advertising Website now by paying
$10.00 + the cost of the ad rotations you select

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As soon as you have paid, you will be sent to the set-up page to place your advert and complete your order. You will get your own reseller page just like this one with your name and advertisement added to the advertising rotation and you will be able to take full advantage of our massive advertising reach.

Note: In order to protect our members who work hard promoting this unique program there is a no refund, for any reason, policy in effect.  If you promote your website there is no reason why you can't earn your initial small advertising investment back over and over again and gain free advertising for life.

We advertise heavily for all advertisers by sending mass traffic daily to our numerous random url rotators.

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JPE Advertising
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