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Terms of Service

No Spam Policy:

JPE Advertising employs a strict NO SPAM policy. It's very simple. If you send spam email to advertise your instant cash magnet reseller site, you will lose your membership, commissions, ads or banners in rotation. Your account will be deleted without refund.
Spam is defined as sending commercial emails or offers to people you don't know and did not request these emails. This includes, but is not limited to, posting ads in news groups, online forums, contact forms or any other meeting place where members exchanges ideas, help and support. Double verified opt-in lists are excluded as members on these lists (usually safelists) agree to receive mail in order to post their own offers.

Admin Emails:

This program is extremely low cost and the fees we collect does not cover server costs or bandwidth. To supplement our income and enable us to keep this effective advertising tool at a low cost to you, you expressly agree to receive up to 10 admin emails maximum per day, which may contain, but are not limited to, admin updates, announcements of new products and services, commercial emails from third party suppliers and other electronic messages.

Sign-up Procedure:

JPE Advertising employs a verified, double-optin system in collecting information about it's clients and opt-in list members. The double verified optin process is defined as: User signups up voluntarily - receives a validation email - clicks the link in the validation email to activate their account. Since our members voluntarily signup, any member who cries spam falsely against another member or admin, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and have their accounts and commissions cancelled without refund.

Your Email Addresses:

You further agree to keep and maintain an active, reachable email address and fully understand that should your email address be changed to an auto-responder, or become discontinued, or disabled you must change it to a working email address within 48 hours or risk having your membership terminated without prejudice and without refund.

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